Aloe veraA multi-benefits ingredient for skin & scalp


Aloe vera is a succulent plant spreading by offsets. Leaves are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green and are serrated with small white teeth. Aloe has been used since ancient times by Egyptians, who called it the “plant of immortality”. It is used in traditional medicine as a multipurpose skin treatment for its calming, after-sun, scalp soothing and hair shine.

Our marketing concept(s)

S3D® Glow Digger

S3D® Mira’curls

S3D® Wellvolving

S3D® Retrosurance

S3D® Hydrasplash Mask

S3D® Hydrasplash Shower

S3D® Retiday

S3D® Retinight

S3D® Jawline Reshaper

Cosmic Purple

The HA lip bomb

Body Confidence


S3D® Solid'Hair

S3D® Millésime

Happy Mask

Mask Tonic

Dream Contour


S3D® Womango

Eau de Radiance

S.O. Smooth

S3D® Oceanist

GxB Pure'scalp

S3D® Powderful

S3D® Désir

Skin care highlighter

My Blue Guard
High Performance

My Blue Guard
High Defence

Adaptogenes Botanicals Solutions

Calming Flash

S3D® Moodbooster

S3D® Mystic

S3D® PoweR-10


Silky pearl hands & nails lotion

S3D® Pro'Fill

S3D® Colourback

Sensory Crush

S3D® [Yu] care

Fragrance on the move

Golden Tan booster

Discover them all

PrimalHyal™ 50 Life

The virtuous revolution for Hyaluronic Acid and the skin barrier!


PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+]

Redefining gold standard for hydration: instant & long-lasting efficacy for both rinse-off and leave-on applications!



Zero-G facial lifting & reshaping. The ideal ally to fight against visible signs of ageing, skin sagging and double-chin!


Siliphos®, the best natural alternative to retinoids

The first natural alternative to retinoids and bakuchiol capable of providing well-ageing benefits comparable to retinol.


Cristalhyal™ e‑Perfection, the clay‑vectorised HA for skin perfectness

The new powerful HA for triple action: smoothing, hydrating & mattifying!


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