Chia oilThe food beauty oil


Chia has always been grown for food purposes as it is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. Cosmetic industries have also shown interest in these seeds as studies have demonstrated results in skin hydration, skin barrier function and itchy skin relief.

Both deodorised & virgin alternatives are available.

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S.O. Smooth

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Centella CAST

Uncover our universal remodeling partner by Givaudan Active Beauty! From Nature backed by science.


Cristalhyal™ e‑Perfection, the clay‑vectorised HA for skin perfectness

The new powerful HA for triple action: smoothing, hydrating & mattifying!


Patchoul'Up™, the scalp dry flakes eraser and self‑confidence enhancer

From upcycling to well-being, enjoy the new ally for hair & scalp !


Neoporyl™, the next‑gen pore therapist

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils the new active offering a solution to #porexia!


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