The HA lip bombHA-powered total lip treatment

This lip treatment is a specific combination of Active Beauty hyaluronic acids from green chemistry (Spherulite™ HA Ultimate, CristalHyal®and PrimalHyal™ 300) formulated with virgin Apricot oil to hydrate and improve lip texture and definition.

Our related ingredient(s)

Spherulite™ HA Ultimate


Apricot oil

Discover them all

PrimalHyal™ 50 Life

The virtuous revolution for Hyaluronic Acid and the skin barrier!


PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+]

Redefining gold standard for hydration: instant & long-lasting efficacy for both rinse-off and leave-on applications!



Zero-G facial lifting & reshaping. The ideal ally to fight against visible signs of ageing, skin sagging and double-chin!


Siliphos®, the best natural alternative to retinoids

The first natural alternative to retinoids and bakuchiol capable of providing well-ageing benefits comparable to retinol.


Cristalhyal™ e‑Perfection, the clay‑vectorised HA for skin perfectness

The new powerful HA for triple action: smoothing, hydrating & mattifying!


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