Body ConfidenceMe-to-me time

Body Confidence is an invitation to reconnect with ourself. It offers at the same time a well-being beauty moment and an efficient solution to tacke strech marks. It features Centella CAST, the hero molecule to fade strech marks, our universal remodeling partner. Body Confidence also features Marula oil (refined), to nourish the skin, Dragon's blood for strengthening properties and Bosexil® for soothing effect.

Our related ingredient(s)

Centella CAST

Discover them all


The first 100% natural origin retinol, a powerful well-ageing hero ingredient!


PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+]

Redefining gold standard for hydration: instant & long-lasting efficacy for both rinse-off and leave-on applications!



Zero-G facial lifting & reshaping. The ideal ally to fight against visible signs of ageing, skin sagging and double-chin!


Siliphos®, the best natural alternative to retinoids

The first natural alternative to retinoids and bakuchiol capable of providing well-ageing benefits comparable to retinol.


Cristalhyal™ e‑Perfection, the clay‑vectorised HA for skin perfectness

The new powerful HA for triple action: smoothing, hydrating & mattifying!


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