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10 January 2024

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils PrimalHyal™ 50 Life, a transformational sustainability breakthrough in Hyaluronic Acid production

The virtuous revolution for Hyaluronic Acid and the skin barrier 
Since its beginnings, Givaudan Active Beauty has been committed to creating active cosmetic ingredients with respect for nature. Elevated through ecological processes, iconic molecules are re-designed and transformed to better suit a science-led, nature-conscious future. 
For the first time in the beauty industry, Givaudan Active Beauty has achieved a ground-breaking leap in the sustainability of Hyaluronic Acid production with its creation of PrimalHyal™ 50 Life: the most sustainable low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid within Givaudan’s portfolio. 

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20 March 2023

Givaudan Active Beauty launches PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+], a novel hyaluronic acid that redefines the hydration gold standard

Never-before-seen instant and long-lasting efficacy enhanced by high-level cationisation!

Givaudan Active Beauty expands the boundaries of skin hydration with the launch of PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+], a new cationic hyaluronic acid (HA) crafted by white biotechnology. This unique cosmetic active outperforms standard HA hydration benefits by at least a factor of 2, bringing never-before-seen moisturising efficacy to both rinse-off and leave-on applications. 

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15 February 2023

Givaudan unveils RetiLife™, a pioneering 100% natural-origin retinol crafted through biotech. The first sustainable alternative to synthetic retinol!

Givaudan announces today the introduction of RetiLife™, a molecule for anti-ageing and a breakthrough evolution for the cosmetic industry. This new active ingredient is the first 100% naturally sourced retinol, and as such a sustainable solution to chemically synthesised retinol.
RetiLife™ is the result of advanced biotechnology development by our experts. Through the use of micro-organisms, pure retinol is produced in a natural carrier during a fermentation process from plant sugars and combined with natural antioxidants to ensure its protection, even at a very high concentration. RetiLife™ is the first of its kind to offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic retinol with similar anti-wrinkle efficacy.
With 100% natural-origin content, including sunflower oil as a carrier, the composition of RetiLife™ avoids synthetic ingredients such as BHT/BHA or polysorbate. Its molecule is identical to its chemical counterpart.

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15 February 2023

Givaudan Active Beauty uncovers Gravityl™, the anti-gravity face care ingredient. A 100% natural ingredient giving your skin a lift by improving jawline and reducing double-chin.

Givaudan Active Beauty defies the effects of gravity on ageing skin with the launch of Gravityl™, a 100% natural ingredient with a powerful lifting benefit and proven efficacy on face contour. Crafted by marine biotechnology from a red macro alga, this new active ingredient is the ideal ally to fight visible signs of ageing by reducing skin sagging and double-chin volume.

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12 July 2022

Introducing SpheruliteTM HA Ultimate, Givaudan Active Beauty's sustainable microencapsulated hyaluronic acid (HA) dedicated to lip care

Givaudan Active Beauty advances microencapsulation technology by unveiling SpheruliteTM HA
Ultimate, a sustainable well-ageing active ingredient able to deliver high molecular weight
(HMW) hyaluronic acid (HA) to deeper skin layers thanks to vectorization technology.
Dedicated to lip care, SpheruliteTM HA Ultimate demonstrates significant instant and long-term
plumping benefits.

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2 May 2022

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Centella CAST, an active cosmetic ingredient that naturally reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Centella CAST, the natural remodeling partner crafted by green fractionation from one of the most well-known medicinal plants, Centella Asiatica. Acting on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of stretch marks, this hero ingredient of choice acts on four different levels to restore skin elasticity, density and firmness, reducing the appearance of stretch marks for all consumers.

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30 March 2022

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Cristalhyal™ e-Perfection, redefining hyaluronic acid (HA) for flawless skin

Givaudan Active Beauty reinvents hyaluronic acid with the launch of Cristalhyal™ e-Perfection, a sustainable and patented vectorised complex of bentonite clay and high molecular weight (HMW) hyaluronic acid (HA). Crafted by white biotechnology and powered by a modification of the electrostatic charges at HA molecule’s surface, the triple-action ingredient accesses the skin’s deep layers via electrical attraction to provide well-ageing benefits, long-lasting hydration and mattifying effects.

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22 March 2022

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Patchoul’Up™, a new upcycled active ingredient for hair and scalp

Givaudan Active Beauty announces today the launch of Patchoul’Up™, a 100% upcycled active ingredient able to rebalance sebum production, eliminate dry flakes and normalise the scalp microbiome for overall well-being. Sourced responsibly in Indonesia, Patchoul’Up™ is crafted through green fractionation from distilled patchouli leaves after their use as a raw material in fragrance creation.

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28 February 2022

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Neoporyl™, the next generation pore therapist

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Neoporyl™, an active ingredient that reduces the size of enlarged pores by targeting the biological root causes of parakeratosis, an alteration of the epidermal structure, and dermis fragility. This new active is crafted by biocatalysis to offer proven efficacy against enlarged pores in just one week.

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